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PRODUCTS  Chemotherapeutic Agents

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5-FU Catalog#:
         Inhibits RNA and DNA synthesis
Alimta Catalog#: A-2002
Carboplatin Catalog#: A-2003
Cisplatin Catalog#: A-2004
CPT-11 Catalog#: A-2005
         Inhibitor of DNA topoisomerase I that displays antitumor activity against a range of tumor types.
Gemcitabine Catalog#: A-2006
Oxaliplatin Catalog#: A-2007
         Oxaliplatin is an anti-cancer chemotherapy drug and is classified as an alkylating agent.
Paclitaxel Catalog#: A-2008
SN-38 Catalog#: A-2009
         Active metabolite of CPT-11 that inhibits DNA topoisomerase I (IC50 values are 0.74 and 1.9 μM in P388 and Ehrlich cells respectively).
Topotecan Catalog#: A-2010
         Topotecan hydrochloride (trade name Hycamtin) is a chemotherapy agent that is a topoisomerase I inhibitor

*Note: These products are for research purposes only, not for human consumption.