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R-935788 Catalog#: A-1200
         R-935788 is an SYK inhibitor.
Raf-265 (CHIR-265) Catalog#: A-1241
         Raf-265 (CHIR-265), an oral and potent RAF and VEGFR inhibitor in clinical trials
Rapamycin (Sirolimus) Catalog#: A-1035
         Rapamycin is a mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR C1) inhibitor
RDEA-119 (BAY-869766) Catalog#: A-1036
         RDEA-119 (BAY-869766) is a potent and highly selective MEK Inhibitor
RDEA-427 Catalog#: A-1037
RDEA-436 Catalog#: A-1038
         RDEA-436 is a novel, potent, broadly active MEK inhibitor, with a low EC50 in human serum
RDEA-594 Catalog#: A-1039
RDEA-806 Catalog#: A-1040
Regorafenib (BAY73-4506) Catalog#: A-1112
         Regorafenib (BAY73-4506) is an oral multikinase inhibitor, including B-Raf (IC50, 69 nM), c-KIT (IC 50, 17 nM), VEGFR2 (IC50, 40nM)
Resminostat Catalog#: A-1190
         Resminostat is an HDAC inhibitor in clinicals.
RG-120 Catalog#: A-1934
RG-7388 Catalog#: A-6037
         Idasanutlin (RG-7388) is a potent and selective p53-MDM2 inhibitor
RN-486 Catalog#: A-1355
         RN486 is a selective Btk inhibitor with an IC50 Value of 4.0 nM.
RO-4924097 Catalog#: A-1260
RO-4929097 Catalog#: A-1263
         RO4929097 is a small molecule Gamma-Secretase inhibitor (IC = 4 nM).
RO-4987655 Catalog#: A-1084
         RO-4987655 is a MEK inhibitor in clinical trials
RO-5126766 Catalog#: A-1085
         RO-5126766 is a dual Raf and MEK inhibitor in clinical trials.
RO-5185426/PLX-4032 Catalog#: A-1130
         RO5185426 (also known as PLX4032) is a B-RAF inhibitor.
RO-5212054/PLX-3603 Catalog#: A-1151
         RO-5212054/PLX-3603 is a B-Raf inhibitor.
RO-5323441 Catalog#: A-1152
Rocaglamide Catalog#: A-1624
         Rocaglamide is an immunosuppressant, and a potent inhibitor of NF-κB activation in T cells, with an almost complete inhibition at 200nM. Suppresses cytokine production (IFN-γ, TNF-α, IL-2 and IL-4) and inhibits NF-AT in peripheral blood T cells at concentrations that do not impair NF-κB and AP-1 activities.
Romidepsin(FK228) Catalog#: A-1340
         Romidepsin (FK228, depsipeptide) is a potent HDAC1 and HDAC2 inhibitor with IC50 of 36 nM and 47 nM, respectively.
Rosavin Catalog#: A-3013
         Rosavin is a glycoside compound found in the plant Rhodiola rosea
RP-6530 (Tenalisib) Catalog#: A-6066
         RP-6530 (Tenalisib) is a is a potent and selective dual PI3K ?/? inhibitor.
RS 102895 hydrochloride Catalog#: A-1975
         CCR2-selective chemokine receptor antagonist (IC50 values are 0.36 and 17.8 μM for inhibition of human recombinant CCR2b and CCR1 receptors respectively).
RVX-208 Catalog#: A-1287
         RVX-208 is a small molecule that binds to the bromodomain of BET proteins and prevents them from binding to acetylated lysines on histones, thus influencing gene expression.
RX-3117 Catalog#: A-1364
         RX-3117 is a next generation orally bioavailable nucleoside analog that is activated (phosphorylated) by the enzyme Uridine Cytidine Kinase (UCK) and inhibits both DNA and RNA synthesis which induces apoptotic cell death of tumor cells.

*Note: These products are for research purposes only, not for human consumption.