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G1T28(Trilaciclib) Catalog#: A-6065
         G1T28(Trilaciclib) is a potential first-in-class, short-acting IV CDK4/6 inhibitor being developed to preserve hematopoietic stem cells and enhance immune system function during chemotherapy.
Garenoxacin Catalog#: A-1948
Gastrodigenin Catalog#: A-3007
Gastrodin Catalog#: A-3008
GDC-0032 Catalog#: A-1236
         GDC-0032 is a potent PI3K inhibitor in clinical trials.
GDC-0068 Catalog#: A-1205
         GDC-0068 is a highly selective ATP-competitive pan-Akt inhibitor that inhibits all three isoforms of Akt with IC50 values of 5 to 30 nM.
GDC-0084 Catalog#: A-6015
         GDC-0084 is a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) inhibitor
GDC-0152 Catalog#: A-1418
         GDC-0152 is a second mitochondrial activator of caspases (Smac) mimetic inhibitor of IAPs (Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins) with potential antineoplastic activity.
GDC-0349 Catalog#: A-1619
         GDC-0349 CAS.1207360-89-1
GDC-0449 Catalog#: A-1113
         GDC-0449 is an orally-administered small molecule antagonist of Hedgehog signaling pathway.
GDC-0575 Catalog#: A-6101
         GDC-0575 is a selective CHK1 inhibitor.
GDC-0623 Catalog#: A-1181
         GDC-0623 is an MEK inhibitor.
GDC-0810 (ARN-810) Catalog#: A-9049
         GDC-0810 (ARN-810) is an orally bioavailable selective estrogen receptor degrader (SERD) with IC50 of 0.7 nM.
GDC-0853 Catalog#: A-6074
         GDC-0853 is a selective BTK inhibitor.
GDC-0917 (CUDC-427) Catalog#: A-1235
         GDC-0917 (CUDC-427) is an orally available, monovalent mimetic of second mitochondrial-derived activator of caspases (Smac/DIABLO) and inhibitor of IAPs (Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins) with potential antineoplastic activity.
GDC-0917(CUDC-427) Catalog#: A-1235
         GDC-0917 is a potent IAP antagonist in clinical trials.
GDC-0919 Catalog#: A-6083
         GDC-0919 is a selective IDO1 inhibitor.
GDC-0941 Catalog#: A-1017
         GDC-0941 is a PI3K inhibitor
GDC-0973(XL-518) Catalog#: A-1180
         XL-518 is a potent selective orally bioavailable MEK1 inhibitor.
GDC-0980 Catalog#: A-1069
         GDC-0980 is a PI3K/mTOR inhibitor in clinical trials
GDC-0994 Catalog#: A-1318
         GDC-0994 is a potent and selective Erk1/2 inhibitor.
GDC-5573 Catalog#: A-6102
         GDC-5573 is a selective RAF inhibitor.
Gemcitabine Catalog#: A-2006
Gilteritinib (ASP2215) Catalog#: A-1371
         Gilteritinib, also known as (ASP2215, is a potent FLT3/AXL inhibitor, which showed potent antileukemic activity against AML with either or both FLT3-ITD and FLT3-D835 mutations.
Ginkgolide A Catalog#: A-3009
         Ginkgolide A from Ginkgo biloba leaves
GKT-137831 Catalog#: A-1381
         GKT137831 is the first in class NOX1/4 inhibitor.
Gleevec (STI-571) Catalog#: A-1018
         Imatinib Methanesulfonate, STI-571, CGP-57148B, Glivec,
GLPG-0634(Filgtinib) Catalog#: A-1338
         GLPG0634 is an orally-available, selective inhibitor of JAK1 (Janus kinase 1) being developed by Galapagos for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and potentially other inflammatory diseases.
GNE-0877 Catalog#: A-1335
         GNE-0877 is a highly potent and selective LRRK2 inhibitor.
GNE-9605 Catalog#: A-1372
         GNE-9605 is a highly potent, selective, and brain-penetrant aminopyrazole leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (LRRK2) small molecule inhibitors.
GR148672X Catalog#: A-1375
GS-1101(CAL-101) Catalog#: A-1138
         CAL-101 is an Oral Delta Isoform-Selective PI3 Kinase Inhibitor.
GS-566500 Catalog#: A-1950
GS-5829 Catalog#: A-9064
         GS-5829 is a BET inhibitor in phase I.
GS-9901 Catalog#: A-6087
         GS-9901 is a selective PI3Kd inhibitor.
GS-9973 Catalog#: A-1321
         GS-9973 is an oral inhibitor of spleen tyrosine kinase (Syk), with potential antineoplastic activity.
GSK-1059615 Catalog#: A-1216
         GSK-1059615 is a pan-PI3K reversible inhibitor with IC50s against PI3Kα (0.4 nM), PI3Kβ (0.6 nM), γ(5 nM), and δ(2 nM) as well as mTOR(12 nM).
GSK-1070916 Catalog#: A-1351
         GSK1070916 is a novel ATP competitive inhibitor that is highly potent and selective for Aurora B/C kinases.
GSK-1120212(Trametinib,JTP-74057) Catalog#: A-1258
         GSK-1120212(Trametinib, JTP-74057) is a MEK inhibitor in clinical trials
GSK-1292263 Catalog#: A-1614
         GSK-2126458 CAS.1086062-66-9
GSK-1324726A/I-BET-726 Catalog#: A-1369
         GSK1324726A (I-BET726) is a novel, potent, and selective small molecule inhibitor of BET proteins with high affinity to BRD2 (IC50= 41 nM), BRD3 (IC50= 31 nM), and BRD4 (IC50= 22 nM).
GSK-1363089 (XL-880) Catalog#: A-1086
         GSK-1363089 (XL-880) is a c-Met inhibitor in clinical trials
GSK-1904529A Catalog#: A-1249
         GSK1904529A, is a inhibitor of IGF-IR (IC50= 27 nM) and IR (IC50= 25 nM).
GSK-2110183 Catalog#: A-1503
         GSK-2110183 is an orally bioavailable AKT inhibitor.
GSK-2126458 Catalog#: A-1067
         GSK-2126458 is a PI3K/mTOR inhibitor in clinical trials
GSK-2141795 Catalog#: A-1504
         GSK-2141795 is an orally bioavailable AKT inhibitor.
GSK-2194069 Catalog#: A-6000
         GSK-2194069 is a fatty acid synthase (FAS) inhibitors
GSK-2256098 Catalog#: A-1078
         GSK-2256098 is a FAK inhibitor in clinical trials
GSK-2606414 Catalog#: A-1307
         GSK2606414 is an orally available, potent, and selective PERK inhibitor.
GSK-2636771 Catalog#: A-1230
         GSK-2636711 is a PI3K-beta selective inhibitor in clinical trials
GSK-2830371 Catalog#: A-1320
         GSK2830371 is a orally active, allosteric inhibitor of Wip1 phosphatase with IC50 of 6 nM.
GSK-2879552 Catalog#: A-1385
         GSK2879552 is an orally available, irreversible, inhibitor of lysine specific demethylase 1 (LSD1), with potential antineoplastic activity.
GSK-3326595 Catalog#: A-6068
         GSK-3326595 is a selective PRMT5 inhibitor.
GSK-343 Catalog#: A-1416
         GSK-343 is a potent EZH2 inhibitor.
GSK-610677 Catalog#: A-1413
         GSK-610677 is a p38 kinase inhibitor.
GSK-690693 Catalog#: A-1020
         GSK-690693 is an inhibit of Akt kinases 1, 2, and 3
GSK-923295 Catalog#: A-1966
         GSK-923295 is a small-molecule inhibitor of the mitotic kinesin centromere-associated protein E (CENP-E) with Ki value of 3.2 nM.
GSK126 Catalog#: A-1275
         GSK126 is a highly potent and selective small molecule inhibitor of histone methyltransferase EZH2.
GSK1838705A Catalog#: A-1800
         GSK1838705A is a small-molecule kinase inhibitor that inhibits IGF-IR and IR (insulin receptor) with IC50s of 2.0 and 1.6 nM, respectively.
GW-572016 Catalog#: A-1021
         GW-572016 is an inhibitor of EGFR(Ki=3nM),ErbB-2(Ki=13nM),ErbB-4(Ki=347nM)

*Note: These products are for research purposes only, not for human consumption.