Topotecan( Purity > 99% by HPLC)

Product Name: Topotecan
 CAT#: A-2233

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 Synonym:hycamptamine. US brand name: Hycamtin; Abbreviation: TOPO Code name: SKF S-104864-A ,

Topotecan Chemical Structure
Topotecanchemical structure

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Biological Activity
Topocecan is a semisynthetic derivative of camptothecin with antineoplastic activity. During the S phase of the cell cycle, topotecan selectively stabilizes topoisomerase I-DNA covalent complexes, inhibiting religation of topoisomerase I-mediated single-strand DNA breaks and producing potentially lethal double-strand DNA breaks when complexes are encountered by the DNA replication machinery. Camptothecin is a cytotoxic quinoline-based alkaloid extracted from the Asian tree Camptotheca acuminata.
Technical Data

Purity: >99%
Chemical Formula:C23H24ClN3O5
Molecular Weight:457.91
Topotecan MSDSTopotecan CoA

IUPAC/Chemical name:(S)-10-((dimethylamino)methyl)-4-ethyl-4,9-dihydroxy-1H-pyrano[3',4':6,7]indolizino[1,2-b]quinoline-3,14(4H,12H)-dione hydrochloride
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