Hexaminolevulinate hydrochloride( Purity > 99% by HPLC)

Product Name: Hexaminolevulinate hydrochloride
 CAT#: A-2109

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 Synonym: hexaminolevulinate; 5-Aminolevulinic acid hexyl ester; 5-ALA hexylester; P-1206. Abbreviation: HAL. US brand names: Hexvix; Cysview. ,

Hexaminolevulinate hydrochloride Chemical Structure
Hexaminolevulinate hydrochloridechemical structure

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Biological Activity
Hexaminolevulinate hydrochloride, also known as hexyl 5-aminolevulinate HCl, is the hexyl ester of 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) with photodynamic properties. As a precursor of photoactive porphorins, hexyl 5-aminolevulinate induces the endogenous production of the photosensitizer protoporphyrin IX (PPIX) which accumulates selectively in tumor tissue. When exposed to specific wavelengths of light, PPIX is activated and, depending on the wavelength and/or intensity of light, either fluoresces, thereby allowing tumor imaging, or induces tumor cell apoptosis.
Technical Data

Purity: >99%
Chemical Formula:C11H22ClNO3
Molecular Weight:251.75
Hexaminolevulinate hydrochloride MSDSHexaminolevulinate hydrochloride CoA

IUPAC/Chemical name:hexyl 5-amino-4-oxopentanoate hydrochloride
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