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CAT#: A-1704    

Chemical Structure

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Biological Activity

LY3023414 is a small molecule that has been shown in vitro to be a selective ATP-competitive inhibitor of PI3Kα and mTOR, DNA-PK, and other class I PI3K family members. In vitro, LY3023414 has demonstrated inhibitory activity against PI3K and mTOR in tumor cells, as well as antiproliferative activity and cell cycle effects. In addition, in vitro, LY3023414 inhibits the ability of PI3K and mTOR to phosphorylate substrates in the PI3K/mTOR pathway. LY3023414 is being investigated in a phase I clinical trial.
Technical Data

Purity: >99%
Storage Conditions: 2ºC to 8 ºC, or -20ºC for 3 years.