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Biological Activity

ARRY-162/MEK-162(ARRY-438162) is an MEK inhibitor in clinical trials
Technical Data

[CITATION] ARRY-162, a novel inhibitor of MEK kinase: phase 1A-1B pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic results
SB Carter, N Klopfenstein, H Simmons, K Litwilerˇ­ - Ann Rheum Dis, 2008

KRAS/BRAF mutation status and ERK1/2 activation as biomarkers for MEK1/2 inhibitor therapy in colorectal cancer
JJ Yeh, ED Routh, T Rubinas, J Peacockˇ­ - Molecular cancer ˇ­, 2009 - AACR
... protein kinase cascade (9¨C11). In particular, potent and selective inhibitors of MEK1 and MEK2 have been developed and are currently in phase I/II clinical trials (AZD6244, XL51, and ARRY-162). 6. Studies in experimental cell ...