Product Name: AMG-925
 CAT#: A-1353

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AMG-925 Chemical Structure
AMG-925 chemical structure

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Biological Activity
AMG-925 is a potent, selective, and bioavailable FLT3/cyclin-dependent kinase 4 (CDK4) dual kinase inhibitor. AMG 925 inhibited AML xenograft tumor growth by 96% to 99% without significant body weight loss. The antitumor activity of AMG 925 correlated with the inhibition of STAT5 and RB phosphorylation, the pharmacodynamic markers for inhibition of FLT3 and CDK4, respectively. In addition, AMG 925 was also found to inhibit FLT3 mutants (e.g., D835Y) that are resistant to the current FLT3 inhibitors (e.g., AC220 and sorafenib). AMG 925, which combines inhibition of two kinases essential for proliferation and survival of FLT3-mutated AML cells, may improve and prolong clinical responses.
Technical Data

Mol. Formula: C26H29N7O2
MW: 471.55
CAS#: 1401033-86-0
Purity: >99%
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